Guess what? This is our 50th issue of WP Wednesday! Celebrate good times, c'mon! Thanks for being one of our loyal readers. We hope that we have been able to successfully keep you up to date with all things WordPress and perhaps you've even gained some tips for self-care (which we think is super important).

This week find out how not to GDPR from British Airways and how much WooCommerce actually costs when you break it down. You'll learn a few handy tips about keywords, how to tackle a re-design and we talk to one of our thriving Elevators - Kronda Adair to find out how she did it all with the help of the WP Elevation Blueprint.

Now, grab yourself a cup of coffee and get up to speed with the latest in WordPress and across the web. Don't forget to share it with your friends or hit reply and give us your feedback!

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